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Installation of Substation

We have the advanced modern technology and capacity to supply, install, test and commission, power substation up to 33 KV. We can supply, install test and commission power substation up to 33 KV These includes power transformer, structure, CT, PT, ACB, UCB, VCB protection and control system


Installation of LT & Machine Control Panel

Besides the manufacturing the Electrical Control Panel, we are also providing installation services to our valued clients. The performance of the Electrical Equipment largely depends on the installation method. We have a team of expert who are expert in the installation of this equipment.

However, before supplying the equipment we provide complete training and guidance to our clients related to the usage of the machines. We train the clients and explain them the Dos and Dons.


Testing & Commissioning

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HT/LT Cable Laying & Termination

We are major service provider engaged in cable laying services. We offer install, testing and commissioning of HT & LT cables in trenches, trays and pipes, we have advanced tools and equipment that allow us to implement these tough tasks.

Cable laying services in industrial complexes, or over large distances, they are staffed by our expert technicians and engineers who perform cable preparation, jointing, termination, testing, commissioning, maintenance and troubleshooting tasks. Cable laying services differ in terms of capabilities like may require cable laying services for low voltage (LV) , medium voltage (MV) or higher voltage (HV) cables up to 33 Kv


HT/LT Feeder panel Installation

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Street lights installation

We install The Poles & All Types Of Street Light Fixtures (HPSV,HPMV & LED Fixtures) and we undertake all the maintenance


Cable faults Locating

Bless Electricals utilise the latest technology in pipe and cable location. We can locate electrical cables, telephone cables, copper and galvanized pipe, and any plastic PVC piping with a tracing wire.

We can give you the depth, direction and map out the underground reticulation system.

This allows us to carry out excavation work without damage to infrastructure or services. In addition to this, it allows us to increase on the job safety and determine the more effective and efficient work methods for both our organisation and the customer.


EHV Installation

We provide EHV Installations. We are expert in this field as well as availability of advanced modern latest testing and other process equipment and also ensure high level of accuracy is maintained which procuring the services


Transformer installation

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Lighting & Power Installation

We undertake all types of Tube light fixtures Installation & also measure the LUX level

* Flame proof Fixtures
* Water proof Fixtures
* Street light fixtures
* Decorative light
* LED lights
* Bulk head lights


HV< Power Distribution System

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Bus bar Systems

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Raceways & Trunking

We undertake & supply all types and sizes of Cable trays & PVC Trunking


Fire alarm/ CC TV/ Access point

We Undertake all the fire & CC TV cable projects & also we supply Cables, Fire Detectors, Smoke detectors, Break glasses and panels

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